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Key family names which have links to Patuone, either directly or through marriage are: Abe, Berghan, Birch, Davis, Cooper, Edwards, Gardiner, Hapeta, Harawira, Heperi, Hohaia, Hoskins, Jones, Kake, Kara, Kenny, Keyworth, Lewis, Luke, Magee, Manapiri, Nehua, Paki, Pitman (Petimana), Pumipi, Quaife, Radovanovich, Rear, Rountree, Shedlock (Hetaraka), Shelford, Strongman, Toki, Toi, Tribole, van Engelen, van Gool, Waiomio, Waipouri, Williams, Wilson. From these, the net expands ever more widely.

NOTE: This does not mean of course that all persons with these names are linked by descent to Patuone. There are also others who will be added to the list in due course.